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Hatcher MOD. 5200N

Fully automatic hatcher.
· Operates in 230V. 2.000W. 50/60Hz. Single-phase.
· Two fans forced ventilation.
· 36 Hatching trays (42 trays of 2 eggs in ostriches).
· Temperature regulation with proportional “auto-tuning” system, and digital thermometer.
· Safety system. Double thermostat.
· Over voltage/transitory protection circuit.
· Automatic humidity system with digital hygrometer.
· Alarm system.
· Automatic cooling system.
· Aluminium cabin with internal isolation double wall.
· Supplied completely assembled ready for immediate.
Hatcher Type. 5200N sSuplied in the following versions: For eggs sized from quails to geese and for sizes of ostriches eggs.

Reference 1200-0217
Quail 14300
Partridge 9000
Pheasant 7000
Hen 4500
Duck / Turkey 3800
Goose 2000
Ostrich 84*
Emu 252

Debido a la configuración personalizada de cada modelo se requiere el asesoramiento de un técnico.