Incubadoras, nacedoras y accesorios avícolas

Incubator MOD. 2600-C

· Incubator aluminum panels built in double wall
· Aluminium door with panoramic windows.
· Protection of the electrical system with fireproof treatment.
· Operation single phase 230V 50 / 60Hz Consumption 2000W maximum.
· Average Power Consumption 1200W.
· Protection of the electrical system with fireproof treatment.
· Electronic control of temperature and humidity programmable digital proportional system “auto-tuning”.
· Internal battery Audible alarm and security system for excess temperature.
· Automatic cooling system by injecting cold air.
· Double safety thermostat with adjustable set.
· Protector transient over-voltages.
· Range decimal programming temperature of 20-45ºC scale (68-113°F)
· Range of moisture decimal scale programming 10-95% RH
· Fully automatic moisture floating discs with water intake float ball and outer tank.
· Digital hygrometer.
· Automatic turning system by servomotor 45º inclination and with functions of:
- Turning digital counter.
- Turning interval programmable (1-8h)
· Individual positioning trays 24.
· 4 hatcher trays at the bottom.
· Forced ventilation by two electronic fans balanced.
· Interior light.
· Adjustable legs.
· Weight and Measurements including Packaging Approx: 320Kg. 1,92x1,17x1,33m

Reference 1200-0212
Quail 7128
Partridge 4536
Pheasant 3528
Hen 2592
Duck / Turkey 1944
Goose 1008
Ostrich Incubación: 112 · Nacimientos: 40
Emu Incubación: 168 · Nacimientos: 120

Debido a la configuración personalizada de cada modelo se requiere el asesoramiento de un técnico.