Falcon Brooder RHT-300

Art.: 1200-0610

- Cabinet made by DWOP system of polyester of double wall of one piece.
- Polyester door with panoramic methacrylate window with double air chamber.
- Protection of the electronic system with fire retardant treatment.
- PID digital programmable digital temperature and humidity control.
- Electronic ventilation system with variable speed.
- RHT radial heating system.
- Variable electronic ventilation function O² ADVANCE that performs controlled air/oxygen renewal.
- Decimal temperature programming range 20ºC-40ºC (68ºF-104ºF)
- Humidity programming range 5%HR-70%HR*
- LED interior light with auto-off.
- Hatching tray stainless steel.
- Audible alarm by high or low temperature programmed.
- Operating voltage 230V single phase at 50/60Hz maximum consumption 100w.
- Average power 60w/h
- Weight and measurements with carton packaging, approx.: 74x55x56 cm, 20Kg
* Humidity programming only available with RHT automatic humidity kit.

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