GSM module alarm

Ref.: 1200-0315

We present our new GSM MODULE ALARM specially designed to connect to our equipment FALCON C30-S, FALCON C30-SP, HATCHER FALCON RHT-300 and BREEDER FALCON RHT-300.
Failures for faults in installations or parts of electrical installations can lead to high costs. In Masalles we are aware of this problem and have developed an alarm module that works with our incubation, breeding and birth equipment to give to each
breeder the chance to have his incubation room under control at all times at a distance.
Thanks to our GSM MODULE ALARM it is possible to keep the hatchery in surveillance at all times with a mobile phone from anywhere.
Any anomaly detected by your incubation, breeding or birth equipment such as temperature alarms, power outages will be copied to your GSM alarm module and it will promptly notify your mobile phone by an SMS message or by phone call
to phone that has programmed. This will allow you to start up your protocol of operation in case of any anomaly to safeguardthe contents of your incubation, breeding or birth equipment.
GSM Module Alarm for monitoring and control of remote equipment.
· Possibility of sending alarm messages to up to 6 mobile phones.
· Alarm by phone call.
· Alarm connection and disconnection via remote SMS.
· Activation and remote stop by call.
· Possibility to connect up to 5 equipment in series, whether incubators, hatchers or breeders.
· Compatible with all Falcon models.

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