Disinfection chamber of eggs ultraviolet radiation

Ref.: 1100-0270

Ultraviolet UV disinfection chamber specially designed for the sterilization and disinfection of all kinds of eggs by UV radiation. The controlled application of UV
irradiation allows to guarantee an efficient, simple and fast disinfection of the handle without having to carry out any type of additional gas extraction installation unlike
the conventional gas chambers.
The ultraviolet rays conveniently used to affect a surface have the property of eliminating bacteria, fungi and viruses by 99%, which ensures a high level of control over the elimination of any bacteria, fungi or viruses on the surface of any egg which is correctly exposed with our UV chamber. The use of UV radiation leads to the generation of ozone whereby the irradiated material is subjected to the effect of both agents.
In order to guarantee a total protection against UV radiation, it has a drawer with a specific treatment that does not let the rays pass and keeps any exposure totally insulated from the outside. It also incorporates a security system that prevents the lamp from being switched on if the camera is partially open or immediately disconnected when the removable drawer is opened.
Specially recommended for clients who have incubation room properly conditioned.
· Removable drawer for placement eggs: Capacity depending on the species.

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