Disinfectant aerosol pump Safibio


150 ml (rooms up to 13m³) Art.: 0500-0205

500 ml (rooms up to 35m³) Art.: 0500-0200

Aerosol Disinfectant specially designed to disinfect rooms up to
40 m³ single use.
The auto drain system automatically and gradually releases the disinfectant steam, it must be activated previously having evacuated any animal and personnel of the room where the disinfection takes place.
Indications of use
Mainly the vaporous products have the advantage when it is applied that the product arrives more easily to any orientation, direction or angle on the surface to be
This allows not leaving any corner without applying the disinfectant for a correct protection guaranteeing to end bacteria, fungi and viruses in a matter of minutes.
Place the container in the center of the room (floor or above a table), then activate by pressing the top button.
IT IS ESSENTIAL TO EVACUATE PREVIOUSLY ALL PERSONNEL AND ANIMALS WHERE THIS PRODUCT IS USED. 30 minutes from the application of the product until the treated room can be returned.

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