Disinfectant germicide cream F10

Ref.: 0500-0107

Cream specially indicated for already infected wounds, allows to have controlled the virus-free lesions, bacteria and fungi.
It is presented in cans of 100 grams and is very easy to apply, contains ingredients non-toxic to animals and the effect is extremely durable.
Indications of use
Specially very effective for wounds or injuries that do not heal properly because they are infected.
The ingredients are not corrosive and irritating in addition to being biodegradable, their use guarantees the elimination of any infection whatever its origin, its use accelerates the healing of wounds.
Application of the product
Pre-clean any remaining organic matter from the lesion to be treated. Then apply a small amount of cream covering the entire damaged tissue.
The process should be repeated daily.
Proprietary formula of benzalkonium chloride 4mg / ml and polyhexanide 0.3mg/ml.

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