Disinfectat for veterinary F10

Ref.: 0500-0100 100ml

Ref.: 0500-0101 200ml

Ref.: 0500-0102 1L

Disinfectant solution for veterinary use, product with a high disinfection power capable of acting in a fewminutes eliminating fungi, viruses and bacteria.
Indications of use
Especially indicated for the disinfection of incubators, hatchers, brooders, transport cages and hospitalization in addition to instrumental surgical, floor, operating room walls, hospitalizations, cure rooms, radiology and other bathrooms.
Application of the product
For general cleaning surfaces use low dilution 2 ml per liter of water.
For use in incubation, birth and breeding equipment in addition to instruments and furniture.
Average dilution 4 ml per liter of water.
Finally, if you want to eliminate the more resistant organisms such as canine pavovirus and bacterial spores, use dilutions of 8 ml per liter of water.
Patented formula of quaternary ammonium with biguanide compounds (5.8%), ampholytic surfactants and non-toxic sequestrants.

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