Sprayer disinfectant Safibio 750 ml

Art.: 0500-0206

Disinfectant sprayer specially designed to be used on surgical equipment, tables and countertops.

Its use is applied directly on the surface to be disinfected and does not require rinsing, the application made by means of a vaporous solution allows a quick drying on the applied material.


Indications of use

 Primarily the vaporous products have the advantage when applying them that they can be oriented better towards any direction or angle on the surface to be disinfected. 

This allows you to leave no corner without applying the disinfectant product.

 For a correct protection guaranteeing to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses in a matter of minutes.

 Spray on the chosen surface at a distance of 30 centimeters, then let it dry.

 Patented formula of quaternary ammonium, biaguanide (0.058%), 80% alcohol and dimethyl ether

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