We present our line of incubators named FALCON equipped with the highest technology applied in incubation, birth and breeding equipment specially designed and created for birds of prey.

In Masalles we have been manufacturing incubators, hatchers and breeders for all types of poultry, ratites and reptiles for more than 90 years. This long experience has allowed us to create a new line for these species.

The manufacture and development of this new line for raptors has been a challenge of research and development of several years in collaboration with the best breeders in the world.
Throughout these years we have been evolving at the same time as technology advances and this technological progress allows today to achieve levels of precision and adjustment that until recently was unthinkable in incubation equipment, artificial birth or breeding.

A good example is the new systems that we have developed specifically for our FALCON C30-S and FALCON C30-SP incubator models. These models includes a sophisticated controlled oxygen renewal system called O² ADVANCE which allows oxygen incubation chamber, in periods of from 15 to 120 seconds, a new system of turning called NATAP that allows the programming of turnings in Mode Fixed or Random and intervals of turnings.

These models also includes our revolutionary ECTS thermal shock cooling system that allows you to program cooling intervals, duration and cooling temperature in each programmed period.
Finally these models includes another new function called Turn day & night control. This new function allows to differentiate day/night the programming of all the parameters TURN DAY & NIGHT CONTROL (1-24h) modes specially for breeders who are looking to transmit all the incubation parameters of the species to be incubated in their Falcon C30-S and FALCON C30-SP models.

This range of incubators is completed with a Hatcher and Brooder specifically developed to use with our line of incubators FALCON, to emphasize specially its construction with our system of manufacture DWOP, interiors in STAINLESS STEEL like the rest of incubators FALCON and protection IP- 65 for the new ventilation and heating system called RHT.
This radial heating technology is available in the brooder FALCON BROODER RHT-300 and FALCON HATCHER RHT-300.

All Falcon models are made of double-walled polyester in one piece using our Double Wall One Piece DWOP system. This manufacturing system offers a perfect sealing in one piece, have a double wall chamber which translates into a thermal stability that cannot offer other equipment built in PLASTICS or DERIVATIVES, PVC or WOOD which may also contain static electricity.

To complement our new line FALCON we also introduce our new vitamin supplements specially developed and tested by the best breeders of raptors. They are presented in 2 formats FALCON TOP COMPLEX and FALCON TOP COMPLEX PEREGRINUS, the latter specifically formulated for peregrine falcons and available in different containers from 250 gr to 5 kg in both formats.

In Masalles we have focused on improving our products at all levels, we are so convinced of our commitment to quality, reliability and durability with our customers that we offer all our products with 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

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