We present our updated line of Falcon Masalles equipment equipped with the highest technology applied in incubation, hatching and breeding equipment, specially designed and created for birds of prey.

In Masalles we have been manufacturing equipment for all kinds of gallinaceous, ratites and reptiles for more than 90 years. This extensive experience has allowed us to create a new specific line for raptors.

The manufacture and constant development of this line for raptors is a challenge in research and development. Thanks to a close collaboration with the best worldwide breeders we continue to develop and evolve our equipment taking into account the needs of incubation and development of raptors.

Throughout these years we have evolved at the same time as technology advances and this technological advancement allows us today to achieve levels of precision and adjustment that until recently were unthinkable in incubation equipment. 

A good example is the innovative incubation systems developed specifically for our FALCON C30-S, C30-SX, C30-SK & C20 incubator models which we have reviewed and improved in these new versions.

These models include our revolutionary embryonic cooling system “ECTS-Cool” thermal shock, “O2 ADVANCE” controlled oxygen renewal system, which allows you to program periodic oxygen renewals or our fully programmable “NATAP” advanced turning system offering the possibility to each breeder to create the most appropriate parameters according to the species to be incubate.

We complement our Falcon Masalles product line with a new essential equipment for any incubation room:

CHAMBER PHC (Masalles preheating chamber.)

The implementation of this preheating process in the first incubation phase is a major important step in the artificial incubation cycle.

The CHAMBER PHC Masalles chamber allows us to carry out the fully controlled preheating process, guaranteeing an optimum level of biosecurity before starting the incubation period.

Following the same line, we have our renewed models of HATCHER FALCON RHT-500 & BROODER FALCON RHT-500 both equipped with new and renewed RHT (Radial Heat Technology) radial heating systems and specific variable ventilation systems that guarantee an ideal complement for our incubation room. 

Committed to the importance of offering products with the best technology and biosafety, we have focused on improving our products at all levels. We are so convinced of our commitment to quality, reliability and durability with our customers that we offer all our products with 3 YEARS WARRANTY.

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