Incubator Falcon C30-SK

Art: 1200-0330

- Cabinet manufactured in polyester DWOP system.
- Panoramic polyester door with methacrylate window double air chamber.
- Protection of the electronic system with fire retardant treatment.
- Interior made entirely of stainless steel.
PID electronic control with programmable digital temperature and humidity DISPLAY-LED32-character LCD screen with LED lighting and language selection.
- Safety thermostat.

AUTO-SWING CONTROL system that limits temperature oscillation when opening and closing the door.

- Function O² ADVANCE that performs programmable air / oxygen renewal during turning.
· Programmable in periods of 15 to 300 seconds.
· Temperature programming range of decimal scale from 20,0ºC to 40,0ºC (68ºF to 104ºF)
· Humidity programming range from 5%HR to 70%HR

NATAP automatic turning system by dragging with adjustable rollers and programmable functions of:
· Fixed / Random turning Programming System.
· Fast turning function of 30 seconds 180º rotation.
· Slow speed turning function for special incubations
· Programmable start and stop turning intervals.
· Turn interval (5 minutes - 24 hours)

- Turning functionTURN DAY & NIGHT CONTROL for day and night turning programming in:
· Programmable start and stop turnings intervals for daytime periods (5 min to 24h)
· Programmable start and stop turnings intervals night periods (5 min a 24h)

ECTS cooling system by thermal shock of the embryo, performs a renewal of controlled oxygen
through fan forced cold air injections fully programmable in:
· Cooling intervals (1h to 24h)
· Cooling temperature with respect to SET (-0,2ºC to -20ºC)
· Cooling period duration (1 a 59 minutes)

- Double ventilation system calibrated electronically at low speed.
LED interior light with auto-off.
- Sound alarm by high or low temperature programmed.
- Operation 230V single phase at 50/60Hz maximum consumption 190w.
- Average power consumption 90W/hour.
- Packing dimensions included: 69x69x62 cm, 29 kg
Optional Movible guide sensor (Art.: 1100-00232)

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