PHC preheating chambers

We present our CHAMBER PHC preheating chamber specifically developed and designed to perform the preheating process before starting the incubation process in incubation equipment of the MASALLES FALCON line.

Preheating the eggs before passing them to the incubator is a very important step in the incubation cycle, the preheating technique being a vital step towards a correct and effective incubation process as natural as possible.

Inadequate incubation times and embryo malformation can be caused by poor preheating.

Performing a controlled preheating prevents condensation on the surface of the eggshell and prevents future fungus from occurring in the pores. This problem in a high percentage of occasions is common in processes of artificial incubation and in many occasions if the embryos are weak due to consanguinity or a bad feeding will cause them the death in a phase of incubation already advances.

The MASALLES CHAMBER PHC preheating chamber allows us to perform all this fully controlled preheating process.

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