Preheating Chamber PHC

Art: 1200-0720

  • Cabinet made by polyester double wall using the system DWOP.
  • Door with panoramic methacrylate window with double air chamber
  • Interior completely made of stainless steel with electro polished treatment.
  • 1 incubation tray with adjustable rollers.
  • LED interior light with timed auto-off.
  • PID electronic control with programmable digital temperature and humidity.
  • DISPLAY-LED 32-character LCD screen with LED lighting.
  • Language selection.
  • Decimal humidity programming range from 10% RH to 70% RH
  • Programming range of decimal temperature scale from 20.0oC to 45.0oC (68oF to 113oF)
  • Electronic ventilation system with automatic variable speed. -Automatic humidity system type HS-SINF with external tank. (optional)
  • RHT radial heating system.

Natural preheating system with programmable functions:

  • Initial temperature program 10ºC a 37,3ºC)
  • Preheating process period programmable:
  • Minimum and maximum period preheating program (1 hour to 7 days)

Automatic turning system by dragging and programmable functions of:

  • Fixed / Random turning Programming System.
  • Programmable start and stop turning intervals.
  • Turn interval (15 minutes - 24 hours)

  • Single phase operation 230V - 50/60Hz
  • Max. power consumption 90W/h
  • Dimensions with packaging 69x69x78cm
  • Weight approx 25 Kg

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