Vitamin Complex

In Masalles we are aware that the commitment to our customers must go beyond offering you our best incubation, birth and breeding equipment. The quality of the product is as important as the after-service by means of a fast and efficient attention in the technical service and after-sales service that meet the demands of our customers.

In line with this commitment as well as offering personalized advice to each of our customers, we complement our catalog of accessories with a new nutritional line which we have developed along with the best nutritionists and breeders of raptors.

We are pleased to present this new line of vitamin complexes called:

  • Falcon Top Complex
  • Falcon Top Complex
  • Peregrinus Falcon Chick Complex*

Available in 250 gr, 500 gr, 1 Kg, 2,3 Kg y 5 Kg. *Chick complex (500gr.)

Obviously there are nutritional and pathological points that could be treated or expanded according to the characteristics of each bird, we ask that in case of doubt contact us and a nutritionist technician will expand and advise according to the needs and characteristics of the birds that we want to contribute any product.

We are very pleased to be at your disposal to extend any information or to solve any doubt in our Technical Support Service Masalles.

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