Falcon probiotic

Art.: 0500-300

We are pleased to present the new Falcon Probotic.

In Masalles we are aware of the fundamental role that good health brings in a breeding center. Many times the health of the chicks in the breeding centers can be altered by different causes such as stress situations, inadequate feeding, extreme weather conditions... But also every day more in the breeding centers, the incubation of the eggs and the young of the chicks are not made by the parents and in this case Falcon Probiotic is the best substitute to the saliva of the mother so necessary for the chick to have its own defenses against pathogens.

Each pack of Falcon Probiotic contains 5 sachets of 2.5 gr

Beneficial bacterial strains of the genera: Lactobacillus spp, Bifidobacterium spp, Enterococcus spp and Streptococcus spp present in the digestive tract and saliva of healthy birds.

1800 millions UFC/g.

Control situations of malabsorption with diarrheal processes in birds.
Replace a good bacterial flora after antibiotic treatments.
Prevent digestive and systemic disorders in situations of stress or change of diet.
Improve body condition by contributing to the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
It contributes to the raising of chicks as a substitute for maternal saliva. 

0.2-0.5 gr / Kg p.v once or several times a day, in water or food until replacing the intestinal flora.

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