Falcon probiotic

At Masalles we are aware of the fundamental role that a good state of health entails in the animals of a breeding center. Many times this state of health is motivated by different causes such as stress situations, feeding, or pathologies related to captivity, handling and reproduction.

Every day in the breeding centers the incubation of the eggs and the raising of the chicks are not carried out by the parents and in this case Falcon Probiotic is the best substitute for the mother's saliva so necessary for the chick to have its own defenses before pathogens.

The new "Falcon Probiotic" contains seven different beneficial bacterial strains selected from the genera: Lactobacillus spp, Bifidobacterium spp, Enterococcus spp and Streptococcus spp present in the digestive tract and saliva of healthy birds in a concentration 10 times higher than any probiotic on the market . The variety of bacteria makes it adaptable to the conditions of the digestive state of each individual, in addition to specifically helping the digestion of meat unlike other more common probiotics designed for herbivores.

The immediate action of this varied group of bacteria is first of all to help the proper functioning of the digestive system and consequently to the digestion and absorption of nutrients. By collaborating with the digestion of meat, it avoids many cases of enterotoxemias and acid cramps due to weakening and bad fermentation.

* Improves digestibility of food and consequently physical condition and weight.
* They neutralize the effects of other digestive pathogens giving reaction time for a veterinary diagnosis and precise treatment.
* Prevents the entry of new pathogens and the intestinal invasion of bacteria that can be pathogenic.

It should be noted that even though it is a very useful tool before or after a treatment, it is not a medication, so it does not have an exact dosage nor is it curative or substitute for specific treatments resulting from a good diagnosis when the presence of a pathogen is exposed.

Replenish a good bacterial flora after antibiotic treatments.
Prevent digestive and systemic disorders in situations of stress or change of diet.
Improve body condition by contributing to the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Substitute’s maternal saliva and contributes raising chicks.
Neutralizes the pathogenic effects of yeasts, bacteria and protozoa temporarily without the need for specific drugs, giving valuable time in weakened animals
Control situations of malabsorption with diarrheal processes in birds.

0.2-0.5 gr / Kg p.v once or several times a day, in water or food until the intestinal flora is replaced, for 7 days.

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