Vitamin complex Falcon Top Complex

Falcon Top Complex has been created for birds of prey, provides nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals for maintenance, breeding and flight of the birds. It has taken into account both its flavor to be fully accepted by the bird as the necessary amount of carotenes for a perfect “bright yellow”.

Basis Feeding of prey birds in captivity is usually based on farm chicks or quails and usually of the same sex, therefore they may present in many cases lack or point imbalances in the most important nutrients such as essential amino acids, digestible minerals, acids essential fatty acids and essential sugars. In nature the prey birds has a varied diet, they are of different species, sex and even depends on the time of the year they are supplied with contributions they need most. Worse still is when for convenience thawed food is supplied as there may be loss of protein by freezing or defective thawing, the vitamins C and B are often lost by an incorrect thawing, apart from the fats become rancid in very short time, so it becomes necessary in the feeding of captive birds of prey to the daily supply Falcon Top Complex to compensate for all these deficiencies, is also indicated in their babies from the second day of life, to have the metabolism much faster than an adult is advised in chicks from 2 to 20 days to provide twice the dose recommended for adults.


The contribution of free amino acids, assimilable minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and sugars stimulates the digestive process in its different phases improving the protein and energy metabolism, the musculoskeletal system, increasing the capacity of their immune system and consequently their physical and reproductive health.



0500-0010 250gr
0500-0011 500gr
0500-0012 1Kg
0500-0014 2,3 Kg
0500-0013 5Kg

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