Top Complex Peregrinus

Top Complex Peregrinus is a mineral vitamin complex with characteristics similar to the Falcon Top Complex but specially designed for Peregrine Falcon metabolism.
Contains protein, amino acid, mineral and vitamin Premix.
Easy assimilation.
Promotes liver and kidney care.

The contribution of free amino acids, assimilable minerals, vitamins, fats and sugars stimulate the digestive process in its various phases that improve metabolism
protein and energy, the musculoskeletal system, increasing your immune system and your physical and reproductive capacity.
Likewise as Falcon Top Complex is advised its daily supply to compensate all the deficiencies for the feeding that are provided to the Hawks Pilgrims in captivity, in
the young they must be supplied them from the 2 days of life and until the 20 days its dosage due to its accelerated metabolism must be double the dose advised for
the adults.



0500-0040 250gr
0500-0041 500gr
0500-0042 1Kg
0500-0044 2,3 Kg
0500-0043 5Kg

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