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Tuesday, 06 November 2018

New incubator: Falcon C30-SK

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We present the Falcon C30-SK incubator.

This new incubator is designed for the first stage of the incubation of raptor eggs.

 In Masalles we are aware of how crucial this phase is to subsequently have good results. In this period, the turning is required much more continuous being a problem in the classic roller trays because the eggs are being dislodged.

 In the new Falcon C30-SK that does not happen because it has a special tray designed for that purpose. In this phase females have a different hormonal levels that provide the egg with many temperature oscillations which stimulates the activation of the different chemical reactions necessary for a good cellular start and a good formation of the embryonic annexes.

That is why the Falcon C30-SK imitates these oscillations with its diurnal temperature programming different from the nocturnal one supported by the coolings when turning, which will be different from daytime to nighttime, being much faster in the lower temperature and longer duration. Finally, the random adjustments of maximums and minimums as the turning angles when turning will be different.

News of Masalles incubator Falcon C30-SK

· Incubator specially designed for the first stage of incubation.

· New model of furniture built in polyester by DWOP system.

· New NATAP automatic turning system by dragging. Turning tray adjustable in height and degree of rotation.

· New height adjustable turning tray. Two models available for Peregrine Falcon and Gyrfalcon.

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· Adjustable height sensor.

sensor regulable falcon sk

· New system of double cooling ECTS by thermal shock of the embryo. It acts by performing controlled oxygen renewals through fully programmable forced cold air injections.


Main characteristics


· Interior made entirely of stainless steel.

· PID electronic control with programmable digital temperature and humidity DISPLAY-LED32-character LCD screen with LED lighting and language selection.

· Temperature programming range of decimal scale from 20,0ºC to 40,0ºC (68ºF to 104ºF)

 · Humidity programming range from 5%HR to 70%HR

· Sound alarm by high temperature programmed 

· AUTO-SWING CONTROL system that limits temperature oscillation when opening and closing the door.

· Function O² ADVANCE that performs programmable air / oxygen renewal during turning.

· NATAP automatic turning system by regulable turning tray and programmable functions of:

- Fixed / Random turning Programming System

- Programmable start and stop turning intervals.

 · Turning function TURN DAY & NIGHT CONTROL for day and night turning programming in:

- Programmable start and stop turnings intervals for daytime and night periods (5 min to 24h)

· Safety thermostat

· LED interior light with auto-off.



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