Covatutto Mod.54 digital incubator


Covatutto Mod.54 digital incubator

Art.: 1200-0044

  •  Equipped with digital thermostat LCD.
  • Incubator made of plastic hight quality
  • Operates in 230V. 75W. 50/60Hz.
  • 1 tray adaptable to all kind of eggs.
  • Down side with thermal insulation, double wall, very stable temperature.
  • Semiautomatic turning system by external lever.*
  • Fan forced ventilation.
  • Electronic temperature regulation.
  • Weigt & measurements with packaging, approx.: 65x60x34cm 7Kg

*For automatic turning system is necessary Kit Turning System (art.: 1100-03220)

Quail: 120
Partridge: 80
Pheasant: 60
Chicken: 40
Duck/ Turkey: 30
Goose: 15

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