How works our differents systems of Masalles falcon incubator and brooder.

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Thermal auto compensation

This function is specially designed to limit temperature oscillation when opening and closing the incubator door. Thanks to its variable electronic ventilation system it is able to detect variations of 0.1 tenth of Cº and adjusts air circulation and heating guaranteeing perfect thermal stability.
Available in the Falcon C30-S model.

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Attempting a closer approach to the nature, Masalles has developed TURN DAY & NIGHT CONTROL.

Taking advantage of our technology applied to the turning systems NCDP-COOL-, the ECTS  thermal shock embryo cooling system and the renovation system O² ADVANCE this new function TURN DAY & NIGHT CONTROL offer a new world of possibilities specially indicated for breeders who are looking to pass all the incubation parameters of the species to be incubated in their model Falcon C30-S and Falcon C30- SP.

It has been demonstrated that the periods of turnings as well as thermal cooling are totally different during the day and night incubation periods of most birds.

In order to maximize the incubation conditions of each species this new function allows to differentiate all the following parameters in day and night mode:

- Start and stop turn intervals programmable diurnal periods (1-24h)

- Start and stop turn intervals programmable night periods (1-24h)

masalles falcon icono explicacion ects 01ECTS

Embryonic cooling by thermal shock

This cooling technique is specially developed for the Falcon C30-S model.

A difference from our NCDP-COOL- controlled cooling system used throughout the line of Falcon incubators, the Falcon C30-S has a sophisticated injection and extraction of fan forced air that allows to do an ultra fast cooling during the incubation process.

The use of this specially focused cooling technique for birds of prey positively strengthens a rapid formation of the blood vessels of the embryo using it during the incubation and development process.

 The ECTS automatic cooling system offers the latest parameters programmable:

1- Cooling Intervals (1h to 24h)
2- Cooling temperature from SET (-0.2 ° C to -20 ° C)
3- Duration of the cooling process (1 to 59 minutes)

Available in the Falcon C30-S model.

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Natural Automatic Turning Aleatory Programmable

This new turning system changes drastically the already known turning systems providing the breeder a perfect control of the entire process of turning during the incubation.

In front of the turning systems whether they are pendulum at 45º or per drag, our new NATAP turning system offers the following programming possibilities in addition to be specially designed to mimic the natural movement that the birds make when they turn the eggs.

It has the following technical characteristics:

1. Fixed or random turning programming selector.
2. Quick function simulating the mother in the nest with 180º Rotation.
3. Turn-over intervals and programmable overturning stops (5 min / 24h)
4. Slow turning function for special incubations.

Available in Falcon C30-S and Falcon C30-SP models.

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Programmable function of oxigen/air renewal

Programmable oxygen exchange function when flipping.

This function, technically called O² ADVANCE , allows automatic fan forced air renovations from the outside to the incubation chamber at the same time as the eggs are turned over.

It is inspired by the technique used by birds, since when they rise to turn the eggs receiving a cooling and this rapid change of temperature is specially important for birds of prey. With this system the interior of the air chamber of the egg produces an exchange of gases obtaining always that the air is oxygenated, favoring a better chorio-allantoic respiration.

This function works totally independent of the ECTS cooling system and the activation of this function is programmable in intervals of 15 to 120 seconds.

Available in Falcon C30-S model.

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Natural Cool Down Programmable

The NCDP-COOL- (cooling) function is based on the simulation of the incubation period of the birds in the periods of 15-20 min rise to eat what allows the eggs to cool. Several studies have shown that this cooling period whenever controlled is beneficial especially for eggs of raptors.

Unlike other conventional cooling systems employing techniques to cool the incubation chamber “simply” by disconnecting the incubator over a period of time Masalles has developed its own intelligent cooling system by means of the thermal cooling technique.

This cooling technique is the closest to the effect that occurs during the absence of the mother in short periods of time during incubation.

This consists conducting controlled cooling of temperature within the incubation chamber.

Available in Falcon C30-S and Falcon C30-SP models.

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Radial heat technology

Radial heating system that achieves stability, distribution and thermal flow unmatched against hatchers with traditional heating systems.

RHT (Radial Heat Technology) is a fully active system that is able to adapt to the needs of temperature and humidity combined with the variable speed electronic ventilation system that regulates the flow of air at all times.

In operation, the RHT system is combined with a very low air velocity, imitating the static heat operation air flow, which is very beneficial for the drying of the egg membrane.

Variable airflow ensures that the interior temperature of the birth chamber does not undergo sudden changes or temperature fluctuations as well as no movement within the birth chamber.

Available in models: Falcon Breeder RHT 300 and Breeder RHT 300.

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1- Proportional Interactive Derivate

Un panel electrónico equipado con sistema PID es un mecanismo de control de gran precisión que permite regular parámetros de ajuste con la máxima precisión mediante complejos algoritmos de cálculo.

2- Double Wall One Piece

Manufacturing system Masalles by injection of polyester of a single piece.
Available on all models.

3- Fabricado con protección ignífuga

Todos los compartimentos donde se alojan componentes eléctricos disponen de tratamiento ignifugo que minimiza cualquier posible propagación en el interior.

4- Herraje en acero inoxidable

La implementación del acero inoxidable y aluminio anodizado ofrecen un nivel superior en cuanto a bioseguridad, calidad y durabilidad ofreciendo gran resistencia a la corrosión para aumentar la vida útil, a la altura de nuestros clientes más exigentes.

5- Fabricado en material antiestático

La utilización de la espuma de polietileno expandido inhibe la acumulación o la descarga de la electricidad estática que puede dañar los componentes eléctricos e incluso encender líquidos.

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