Covatutto Mod.24 ECO incubator


Covatutto Mod.24 ECO incubator


Art.: 1200-0031

  • Incubator made of plastic hight quality.
  • Operates in 230V. 75W. 50/60Hz.
  • 1 tray adaptable to all kind of eggs.
  • Turning system with semiautomatic by external lever.*
  • Fan forced ventilation.
  • Electronic temperature regulation.
  • Weight & measurements with packaging, approx.: 42x40x28 cms. 5Kg

  *For automatic turning system is necessary Kit Turning System  (art.: 1100-03220)

Quail: 60
Partridge: 42
Pheasant: 30
Chicken: 20

Comparative with another Masalles's models

  Covatutto Mod.24 digital incubatorCovatutto Mod.24 ECO incubator
Control panel
Electronic with display LED and LCD with language selectionNoNo
Electronic with display LEDNoNo
Electronic PID control with programmable digital temperature and humidityNoNo
Electronic thermostat THP-3NoNo
Digital temperature and humidity programmingNoNo
Turning system
Automatic turning system with servo motor with 45°NoNo
180° automatic dump system every 60 minutes by trawlNoNo
Automatic turning systemNoNo
Fixed / Random programming SelectorNoNo
Programmable start and stop tumbling intervalsNoNo
Turn of turns interval (5 minutes - 24 hours)NoNo
Cooling system
Natural Cool Down Programmable NCDPNoNo
Cooling automatic intervals every 12 hoursNoNo
Cooling progammable intervals (1h to 24h)NoNo
Cooling temperature with respect to SET (-0.2°C to -20°C)NoNo
Cooling period duration (1 to 59 minutes)NoNo
Humidity system
Automatic humidity system HS-SINFNoNo
Humidity programmingNoNo
Automatic humidity system with floating discsNoNo
Ventilation system
Variable speed electronic ventilation systemNoNo
Automatic cooling systemNoNo
Forced ventilation by means of a calibrated fan at low speedNoNo
Inside LED lightNoNo
Height adjustable legsNoNo
Over voltage/transitory protection circuitNoNo
Cabinet made by polyester double wallNoNo
Cabinet complete by stainless steelNoNo
Manufactured by antiestatic materialNoNo
Inside manofactured by aluminium panelsNoNo
Stainless steel interiorNoNo
Inside completely made of stainless steelNoNo
Interior bronze-chromed ironworkNoNo
Double wall made of polyesterNoNo
Double wall made of stainless steelNoNo
Protection of the electrical system with fire retardant treatmentNoNo
Panoramic aluminium windowNoNo
Double safety thermostat with adjustable setNoNo
High or low temperature sound alarmNoNo
Birth traysNoNo
Hatcher traysNoNo
Power, measures and weight
Single phase operation230V - 50/60Hz230V - 50/60Hz
Average power consumption8075
Dimensions with packaging (Height)4742
Dimensions with packaging (Width)4540
Dimensions with packaging (Length)3328
Weight approx65
Hatcher trays with individual cellsNoNo
Module Alarm GSMNoNo
Export packaging certifiedNoNo
PAck advance: LED interior light, panoramic aluminum window and humidity pre installationNoNo
Transparent methacrylate wallNoNo
Automatic humidity systemNoNo
Cabinet inside and external manufactured by stainless steelNoNo

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